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Young, and the area surrounding it, offer a unique opportunity to step back in time. We don't have a single stop light. We don't have a "downtown".  We do have lots of history, beautiful scenery, four distinct seasons, and honest-to-goodness cowboys.

"My husband and I have lived in Young for 16 years and enjoy the remote beauty of the area. We love our self-sufficient lifestyle, which includes caring for chickens and cows. Gardening is a passion of mine, and I enjoy the birds, bees and butterflies that the flowers attract. If you appreciate quiet, peaceful surroundings you will love it here as much as I do."

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Whether you come from the South (Globe) or the North (Payson or Heber), getting to Young is an adventure in itself. You will be traveling on the Desert to Tall Pines National Scenic Byway. Expect to navigate a winding, dirt mountain road through the forest. The road is maintained and graded, but depending on recent weather conditions and usage, it can be muddy, washboarded, icy in winter and, at times, downright impassable. Please check the weather forecast before heading out or contact us for current road conditions.


While the cottage is a bit out of the way, that is exactly what we wanted for our first wedding anniversary. We were able to rest and relax for our entire stay without any distractions and almost no traffic. Our two small dogs enjoyed the fenced yard and we absolutely loved the weather while we were there. This is a very small town with few stores (bring your groceries!) but the place was fully stocked with items to make our stay more comfortable. I forgot my toothbrush but found a brand new one waiting for me in the bathroom, how thoughtful! I appreciated all the labeled drawers and cabinets too. There is a Fire TV for entertainment as well as a nice selection of books to choose from. Hummingbirds frequent the feeder out front and squirrels and turkeys run all around outside. Nature at your front door. I would highly recommend anyone who needs some quiet time to book a stay. You will not be disappointed!

~ Lyanna, Glendale, AZ

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While Young has a lot to offer, A FULL SERVICE GROCERY STORE  IS NOT ONE OF THEM. You will want to bring some, if not all, of your groceries and beverages with you. Antlers is a family restaurant that offers many delicious options and unique daily specials - open all weekend (cash only w/ ATM on site). The Hitchin' Post Grab 'N Go is located by the Post Office and has a variety of options ranging from nachos to sandwiches & hot dogs to pizzas and quick snacks. The Cherry Creek store sells staples, snacks plus basic items, and you can get gas locally. The Pleasing Palate (or Marla's Kitchen), offering breakfast lunch and dinner, is open each week from Wednesday breakfast until Sundays at 2.  Bruzzi Vineyard serves delicious set menu dinners on Friday and Saturday nights and Holidays, Reservations are required. They also have wine tasting on the weekends along with meat, cheese and veggie platters.


This is a very rural area and we have our share of pests. Depending on the season, you can expect mosquitoes, flies and possibly a few ants, bees, moths or spiders inside and outside of the house. It's simply all part of the country setting. Bug spray and an old fashioned fly swatter are provided, if needed.  Mosquito repellent is located in  the bathroom cabinet. Along with bugs and spiders & their webs, you may see squirrels, skunks, deer, elk, cattle & other livestock, javelina, coyotes, bears, snakes, mice - all kinds of wild animals. Please do not book if this is a problem for you. We do not refund for any sightings of life's creatures. 

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