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Our country cottages are set in a quiet rural area offering peace and solitude among mature oaks and sycamore trees. A haven for birds and wildlife . . and the people who love to watch them.
Image by Vincent van Zalinge
Discover the joys of a slower pace.
Go for a walk. Read a book. Bake a loaf of fresh bread,  Journal. Try your hand at painting. Play a board game. Remember what it was like to stop and take time. 

Sleep in (ahhhhh) or wake up early to see if a herd of elk is visiting. Feed a wild turkey.  Take a dip in a local swimming hole.  Get lost in a field of wild sunflowers. Find out what lies beyond the next bend in the road. 
Image by Bonnie Kittle
When was the last time you smelled fresh country air or tasted water straight from the ground? 
Or gazed at the clouds or the Milky Way? Or watched the sunset  from start to finish?  Or touched the end of a rainbow?
Image by Jacob Dyer

We loved this Cottage! It’s so cozy and comfortable. The surrounding area is quiet and relaxing. We definitely recommend this place!              ~Taylor, Ohio, United States

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